ICO project Serenity reached the softcap of $2 million

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2.5 weeks since the start of the ICO project Serenity gathered the soft cap to $2 million Is the amount needed to run the project.

According to the white paper project, the first phase will be implemented:

  • Payment system: reservation of funds between a broker and a customer with smart contracts.

  • The system of arbitration: arbitration services connection (Verify My Trade) and their integration with the system.

Denis Kulagin, CEO of Serenity:

“We have reached a soft cap. This means that from today we double the efforts in the implementation of the project. Our next goal is to reach $5 million, which will allow us to develop our own exchange and system KYC. Follow our news, there’s quite a bit interesting.”

About Serenity

The project is a platform that includes several functional modules: escrow, recording transactions in the blockchain, the verification of quotations and the stock exchange.

It is based on the technology of segregated accounts (that is, storage deposits separately from the funds involved in the trade), the use of which requires the FCA (UK financial regulator). This technology translated into the language of the blockchain. The idea of recording the transaction in the blockchain arose under the influence of traditional regulations, for example, EU legislation (MiFID and EMIR). They always wanted a report for each trade, but had no way to effectively and store them securely.

Also, the project will be implemented a private exchange for quick logon Serenity and purchase of cryptocurrency.

The company plans to raise $19 million for the development of the platform. The launch of the project will be phased so that the exchange promised to begin in may 2018. The prototype is published on the website.

ICO Serenity was launched on 25 January and will last till March 7.

Any questions about the project, please ask in the online chat on the website or in Telegram channel.

To participate, sign up on the website.

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