IDACB holds regular press breakfasts Blockchain Breakfast

In preparation for the world Summit on Bitcoin and the Blockchain (WBCSummit), which will be held may 19-20, 2018 in Moscow for the second time, IDACB organizes a series of regular press breakfasts Blockchain Breakfast.

Up to may 16, every Thursday, the organizing Committee IDACB will acquaint journalists with the representatives responsible for the regulation of the blockchain and cryptocurrency with either proven and powerful industry.

Planned invitation of experts in the field of cryptotrading application of blockchain technologies in the banking sector, issues of legal support of ICO projects in Russia, state regulation of the stock market and other topics.

What steps lawmakers, regulators and market participants, and what to expect in the field of regulation cryptoeconomy in Russia, journalists will be able to learn on a regular Blockchain Breakfast IDACB.

The organizing Committee selects the most qualified speakers who can comment on the latest news, clarification on the subject of the upcoming sections WBCSummit’a and to make the predictions of interest to journalists topics.

A regular speaker at events — Herman Klimenko

Moderator — international Secretary IDACB Maxim Chereshnev

April 5 at 10:00 journalists will be able to communicate with Roman Kaufman and Alexander by Doinikov.

A novel Kaufman, co — founder of one of Russia’s largest blockchain-community (IBCG).

Alexander Doinikov, a co — founder of the affiliate network Marketcall, project Move and HOQU, pioneer PPV advertising in Runet.

We will focus on the promotion of the ICO in the restrictive advertising policy for social networking and Google, as well as ICO communications with the press.

Blockchain’s breakfast is held every Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Blockchain Residence at Novinsky Boulevard, 11 (click to go to map), and on a variety of topics.

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