«III international corporate week – 2018» will gather more than 5000 participants

Association «Professional community Directors «Direktorium» from 12 to 16
February 2018 holds the «III International corporate week – 2018». It
the largest business event dedicated to corporate governance and training
personnel, financial markets and financial security, the development of blockchain technology
and support innovation.

The event will be hosted by Boiling Point ANO «Agency for strategic
initiatives on new projects promotion» at the address: Moscow, Small
Konyushkovskaya lane., 2.

Association «Professional community Directors «Direktorium» ASI, and
open your doors to all the heads of regions, representatives of institutions
public authorities, owners and managers of enterprises, institutions
development and funds research, financial and educational

Within five days will be held thematic sessions with the participation of leading
experts’. The event will bring together more than 50 speakers, among whom:

  • Alexander Kamyshov, Director of the Association «the Professional community
    of Directors «Direktorium», the General Director of «Relevant business

  • Oleg Teplov, assistant, Expert Department of the presidential Administration;
  • Natalia Sligo, head of corporate technologies of the Federal
    Agency for state property management.

  • Tatyana Mineeva, the Vice-President of Russian public organization
    «Business Russia», Chairman of the Public Council under the Department
    of education.

  • Tatiana Zivina, head of corporate management LLC «Center

  • Oksana Tarasenko, Director of Department of corporate governance
    economic development Ministry.

  • Elena Privalova, Director of development VentureClub.
  • Vladislav Fedotov, managing Director of the subsidiary funds, the Adviser
    Director General of RVC.

  • Alena Suturkova, Vice President for social projects «Fishermen’s Fund»;
  • George Verbitsky, managing Director, Russia and CIS, the company eToro.
  • Andrew Sebrant, Director of marketing services company «Yandex», Ph.
    physical and mathematical Sciences, author of over 60 scientific papers; permanent home
    editor of the professional journal «Internet-marketing», the lecturer of many
    business schools of Moscow.

  • Jin Kolesnikov, founder of Singularity University, Moscow Chapter, visionary
    robotics and technological singularity, co-founder of ANO
    Nanosemantika, Association «Community Management» community
    biotechnologists bi0.space, the CEO at IDS Innovation, member of the expert Council
    Iran, a member of the expert Council working groups STI.

  • Andrew Bush, head of investment banking AO
    Investment-financial company «solid».

  • Leonid Golovanov, head of Department, business development Department

  • Artem Koltsov, Chairman of the Expert Council on digital economy and
    blockchain technologies at the State Duma of the Russian Federation, founder
    consulting Agency in the field of blockchain «the World of Work in mining», the founder and
    CEO of digital Agency «Legion».

  • Dmitry Marinichev, the representative of the Commissioner of the President of the Russian Federation
    the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the sphere of the Internet (the Internet Ombudsman),
    CEO of the engineering company OOO «Radius group»,
    the founder of Russian Mining Coin.

  • Nikita Kulikov, the founder of the ANO «Prorabotav», member of expert Council
    the digital economy in the state Duma.

  • Yaroslav Kabakov, Deputy General Director IK «FINAM».
  • Vito Taddei, co-founder of Exclusiva Design SRL, Fund Fondazione
    Eclusiva, CEO Director, and many others.

The event, attended by governors and representatives from the government
authorities, representatives of the Ministry of economic development, Ministry of education, the Railways, the innovation Centre, NGOs
Engineering, entrepreneurs Russian regions and numerous guests.

The main partner of the III International corporate weeks – 2018 was the company
eToro, an expert on the Blockchain technology. The mission of eToro – do the procedure
deals open, simple and transparent. Platform gives you the opportunity to find
traders all over the world, discuss trading strategies and to use the patented
technology TM CopyTrader automatically copy.

Partners of the event were companies such as the platform on innovation and
technologies of «the Clever country», the online English language school Skyeng, IR «FINAM»,
JSC IFC «solid», RDV-Media, and many others. Entertain guests will
smart supermarket is a new generation company Elementaree.

Guests and viewers of the online broadcast will be a very rich program, with sections
which you can find on the website of the event: http://directorium.info/
Pre-registration of guests at the event website is mandatory! That’s all.
registrants will receive a link to access online
translations. There will be no entries!

Contacts for communication on issues of performance, accreditation for media and sponsorship
participation: [email protected] , phone: +7(967) 062-15 — 46

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