In Bangkok at the request of the FBI detained Russian citizen from the group Infraud and confiscated more than 100,000 BTC

As reports Thai newspaper the Bangkok Post, at the request of the FBI in Bangkok yesterday, was arrested by the Russian Sergei Medvedev, who, after the arrest it was discovered more than 100 thousand bitcoin. In the USA he is accused of involvement in the creation of a shadow site for trading online – Infraud, whose name came from the slogan In Fraud We Trust.

US law enforcement agencies are investigating the activities of the site, considering that it is used for trading in stolen credit cards, fake IDs, stolen financial information and other illegal goods.

The day before, 8 February, the US Department of justice has published information disclosure activities of the organization that created Infraud, where, according to the Agency, included at least 36 people from different countries of the world.

According to representatives of the Agency, for seven years it caused material damage in the amount of US $530 million On the website published a full list of group members (among them Sergei Medvedev) and the indictment of the Prosecutor’s office of the state of Nevada, which leads the case.

According to the justice Ministry, the international group cyberhawks was created in 2010 by a citizen of Ukraine Svyatoslav Bondarenko. In 2015, he disappeared from the view of law enforcement bodies and right now nothing is known about him. Branch edition of Cyber Scoop, who writes about cyber security, says that Russian Sergey Medvedev was the co-founder of the group and led it after 2015.

Us law enforcement officers arrested thirteen defendants of involvement in the work of Infraud. Citizens of Australia, UK, France, Italy, Kosovo, Serbia and the USA. The US attorney General’s office the case has been called one of the largest criminal cases in the sphere of cybercrime, which has ever investigated the Ministry of justice.

As reported by the Bangkok Post, during the search of the apartment Medvedev in Bangkok were seized documents and a computer. The Russian Embassy in Thailand said that the information about the detention of a Russian citizen is checked.

«Sent a request to the competent authorities of Thailand. Other information is not available,» – said the Embassy.

At the moment, the website edition of the Bangkok Post and the corresponding article is not available. However, if the information is confirmed, the case will be not less loud, than the arrest of Alexander winnick, as the value of the confiscated bitcoins reaches 800 million dollars. However, winnick was arrested one and group Infraud arrested almost at full strength. The investigation may shed light on some incidents and crimes in the sphere of cryptocurrency.

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