In Chile, banks are closing accounts of cryptocurrency companies

Banco del Estado de Chile, the state Bank of Chile informed the three cryptocurrency exchanges of the country about his decision to close their accounts.

Account exchanges Orionx, and CryptoMKT will no longer be serviced and will be closed after 10 days. It should be noted that earlier the canadian Scotiabank branches and Brazilian Itaú Bank have also closed the accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges.

State Bank BancoEstado was the last financial institution that has provided services to three of the cryptocurrency exchanges of Chile. Having a Bank account, these exchanges provide a wider range of financial services.

«BancoEstado cease cooperation with companies dedicated brokering activities or acting as marketplaces for the so-called cryptocurrency»,- said the representatives of the Bank.

Before the rupture of relations with BancoEstado, chap. Pablo Chavez (Pablo Chavez) made a statement that without the support of the banks his company will be forced to go to another format and maybe open your digital Bank. However, in his opinion, is «very bad» option.

Director and co-founder CryptoMKT Martin Jofre (Martín Jofré), in turn, commented on the termination of the banking service:

«The current situation in any case does not deprive our clients of the ability to recover their assets, as in Fiat money and cryptocurrency,» said Jofre.

Cryptocurrency exchange Orionx to the adopted decision of the banks reacted calmly and assured customers that their funds are safe and the risk of insolvency do not exist.

The South American country was not the first in which banks ceased to maintain accounts of cryptocurrency companies. Similar measures were adopted in China, Thailand and Cambodia.

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