In China, advertising of crypto-currencies in social networks and search engines

Hong Kong media reported that the major search engines and social networks of China do not broadcast paid ads for products or companies associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they claim that censorship of cryptocurrency ad began when the people’s Bank of China (PBOC) banned
the conduct of the ICO in September 2017.

In particular this reports the South China Morning Post. The article says that the search for key words such as «bitcoin», «cryptocurrency» and «ICO», allows you to find journalistic articles on the subject in Baidu and Weibo, with thematic ads do not exist. Platform Weibo has confirmed that she is currently not allowed to broadcast advertisements associated with the cryptocurrency, while Baidu has not commented on the situation.

Analysts believe that censorship of the cryptocurrency advertising could begin in September 2017, when the NBK has banned the ICO in the country. Recently it was also reported that the social network Facebook banned advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO, citing a desire to protect its users from a large number of fraudulent ads.

It seems that most of the cryptocurrency community welcomed the new policy of Facebook, and many veterans of bitcoin consider social networks as an advertising medium, the captured pyramids and scams seeking to cash in on the speculative boom around the cryptocurrency.

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