In China miners arrested again on suspicion of theft of electricity

According to reports, allegations of theft of electricity led to the arrest of bitcoin miners in two Chinese cities.

In the first case, six people were arrested in Tianjin, and news Agency Xinhua reported that the suspects allegedly used the 600 devices for cryptocurrency mining, receiving electricity from the local power grid. The police claimed that they did not pay the real electricity bills as received electricity to bypass the meter.

The investigation was launched after the local power company noticed that the power consumption increases, and found substantial deviation from the meter readings. This has led to the seizure of 600 ASIC miners and 8 powerful cooling installations.

China still occupies a leading position in the field of cryptocurrency mining, despite the hints of the government to ban mining in the country. As stated in the message, the theft of electricity has become the largest of its kind over the past few years.

According to another report from the official news site
The General Prosecutor of China, the two suspects were arrested by police in Wuhan. They also stand accused of theft of electricity. According to reports, from March 2017, the accused allegedly used an empty and abandoned warehouse to work mining devices, and also evaded from payment of utility bills.

Theft of electricity for mining is quite a common occurrence. For example, in March of this year, «mining shop» at the Orenburg plant RTI closed
for theft of electricity and in the past year, has repeatedly been reports
of detainees in Venezuela, miners, accused in the theft of electricity.

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