In cryptocanthon Finney will be integrated token Cardano

Israeli company Sirin Labs, the developer and Creator of the blockchain smartphone Finney, signed a cooperation agreement with the company Emurgo from Japan. Under this agreement, the partners will integrate cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) in smartphones Finney.

Pre-installed in the new smartphone token ADA will be used as a means of payment in decentralized store applications DApp store.

The creators Sirin Labs — Kenes Rakishev from Kazakhstan and a citizen of Israel Moshe Hogeg — has already received more than 25,000 pre-orders for the new smartphone. In 2018 the company plans to open a number of branches and offices in various cities and countries. The official face of the project was Lionel Messi — best player in 2017.

Cryptocanthon will work under the operating system OS SIRIN. The first delivery is expected on the market in the second half of this year.

The core OS Sirin will have a high degree of protection that will allow safe cryptocurrency transactions. The integration of the various blockchain solutions will enable owners of Finney to use the service message encryption, smart contracts, and many other innovative features. In addition, the smartphone on the block chain will be integrated into the mobile client platform Ethereum – Status, said the partners in a joint press release.

Draft initial placement of tokens of FINNEY company entered into the four most successful projects of the ICO 2017, bringing the creators of more than 157 million dollars.

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