In Dubai issued the first licence to trade in cryptocurrencies

In the middle East issued the first state license to trade cryptocurrency – got it registered in Dubai company Regal RA DMCC, a subsidiary of Regal Assets Inc.

The company, from 2016, focusing on investment and trade ingots from precious metals, can now offer as a investment tools bitcoin, ether, ripe and litecoin.

«In the long-term strategic development plan DMCC is the use of technology and innovation for the development of new markets, industries and customers,» said DMCC Executive Chairman Ahmed Bin Sulayem.

According to the head of Regal RA DMCC Tyler Gallagher, cryptocurrency investors are afraid to store large amount of coins in online wallets and exchanges due to the risk of hacking, viruses and intruders. The company offers the investors have also a special service – cold storage of crypto-currencies.

«We have developed the safest way of investing in bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies,» he said.

According to the Manager of the company’s office in Dubai Ksenia Kiseleva, the company is considering cryptocurrency as a commodity, not as a method of payment.

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