In Iceland abducted 600 devices for cryptocurrency mining

«The biggest Heist in the history of the country»: so the Icelandic police force called the incident the country stealing equipment for mining. A group of attackers stole from multiple data centers from 600 devices that have been used for cryptocurrency mining. The damage amounted to about $2 million. The stolen device is still not found. It is known that on suspicion in this crime and arrested 11 persons, one of whom was a security guard of the data center.

Commissioner of police South-West district of the Peninsula of Reykjanes, where there have been two thefts, said that crimes of this scale has not previously happened, and all the data indicate that worked well organized criminal group.

It is known that there have been four robberies, which were stolen computers, and three of them occurred in December and one in January. Law enforcement authorities do not disclose information about the thefts, because I continued the search for the perpetrators.

The police monitors the consumption of electricity in the country. Local Internet service providers, electricity producers and the owners of the warehouses are designed to report any changes in the consumption of electricity and other unusual events.

It should be noted that Iceland is one of the most favourable countries for mining due to weather conditions, without allowing any additional cost of cooling the equipment. The government is considering the introduction of a tax on the mining of cryptocurrencies, on the background of active growth.

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