In India, ten police officers suspected of extorting bitcoins

The police of the Indian state of Gujarat appealed to the businessman who claims he was kidnapped and forced to give the 200 bitcoins. Two weeks after submitting the application, the criminal investigation division (CID) pressed charges against nine constables and one police officer suspected in kidnapping, extortion and corruption.

According to the newspaper Times of India, nine constables and one police inspector by the name Anant Patel (Anant Patel) kidnapped locals Shailesh Bhaṭṭa (Shailesh Bhatt), Kirita, Paladii (Kirit Paladiya), as well as the driver Mahipal (Mahipal) who were taken hostage, beaten and forced to transfer bitcoins.

Chief of police Ashish Bhatia (Ashish Bhatia) argues that the initial inspection has not confirmed the existence of a translation from the 200 bitcoins to Bhatt Patel. Now the police have to check the purses of the other aforementioned members of the incident.

«Shailesh Bhatt claimed that he translated the 200 bitcoins from a digital wallet of his business partner Kirita, Paladii. He further alleges that he paid another $ 5 million for their release. Another 121 thousands of dollars, as he claims, was handed over to the extortionists to return the bitcoins back. However, mentioned in the statement until the transaction could not be confirmed,» says Ashish Bhatia.

«Now, a special investigation team which will investigate this case», — said the chief of police.

According to at the moment the constable arrested the three remaining suspects are at large.

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