In June in Russia will appear in the blockchain-a platform of intellectual property management

In Russia in June 2018 will start operating a digital platform based on the technology of the blockchain: it will integrate all the functionality needed by copyright holders in order to create, protect and monetize their content.

The national intellectual property registry is designed to protect different types of intellectual property, said Deputy General Director of JSC «national intellectual property registry» (NRIS) Brusnikina Valeria on the sidelines of the forum IPQuorum-2018, which is held in Svetlogorsk.

«In June, an industrial variant will work the first version of the platform, it will include all that relates to the possibility of the Deposit of the object of intellectual property: a transfer into the escrow, the demo access the object, storing the reference copy of the object. The second phase of the project, which will include anti-piracy protection facilities, is scheduled to launch in autumn this year,» she said.

According to Brusnikina on the blockchain the platform will accommodate all the objects of intellectual property: music, audiovisual works, texts, industrial property, computer programs, 3D models, technology, etc.

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