In Krasnoyarsk region creates a large farm for mining

In the town of Divnogorsk in Krasnoyarsk region is planned to create the farm for cryptocurrency mining, the CEO of mining company BitBaza Daniel Sakamaki on the sidelines of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum. According to him, it will be created on the basis of industrial Park «Beautiful.»

«There will be mining farm, one of the largest in Russia. Output is planned to create a product that will liquid mining, so the project is strategic. Krasnoyarsk region is a surplus of electricity. It industrial Park «Brave» has at its disposal three busbar connection to the unified energy system», – said Sakamaki.

The choice of the region is specified from the point of view of energy security and cost reduction. The amount of investment at this stage of project development involves 3 billion.

«We now are building blocks in the industrial Park» – said Sakamaki.

According to him, within a month, start a mining farm with an electric capacity of 10 MW, then their number will increase and power consumption will reach 120 MW. The project will bring together graduates of the Siberian state University. Produced in the mining process heat is to be transformed into thermal energy and use it for heating houses.

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