In Lappeenranta mounted cryptomath for Russian tourists

In the South of Finland in the Mall Opri, near the Russian border Lappeenranta, set cryptomath company Prasos Bittimaatti. According to General Director of the operator of cryptomate Prasos Henry Brayda, cryptomath it was decided to install in Lappeenranta including the large number of Russian tourists.

«In Russia, the demand for cryptocurrencies is high, and it grows. We have no way of entering the Russian market, so we want to test our assumptions about the popularity of cryptocurrencies in Russia in the border region,» he said.

According to Brad, the exchange rate is the European exchange Bitstamp cryptocurrency with a Commission of 5 – 10%. The minimum purchase amount is 5 Euro sale 20 euros. Cryptomath takes all notes from 5 euros to 500 euros, the daily total purchase limit in cryptomate — 5000 euros.

This is the ninth cryptomath located in Finland. Before him, the nearest to Russia was in Kouvola. The most popular machine in Helsinki Itäkeskus shopping centre – every day it serves 10 – 20 people. The port of Helsinki set Biittimatti focused, in particular, to ferry tourists from Russia – in its menu you can select the Russian language.

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