In Leningrad used the blockchain for the registration of a share agreement

In the framework of a joint project with AHML and Vnesheconombank, the Russian state register recorded the first agreement of a joint construction (DDU) with the use of blockchain, said in a statement.

In the framework of the project the technology used in the interaction of Rosreestr and Fund of protection of rights of investors.

«The contract is concluded in the Leningrad region, which is a pilot region for the implementation of the project. The contribution of the developer under the contract of participation in share construction is reflected in the blockchain for later reservation, and a charge to compensation expense of the Fund of funds developer», – stated in the message.

For all new objects of shared construction Russian developers must contribute to the defense Fund contributions in the amount of 1.2% of each POS. To register, POS Rosreestr needs to receive from the Fund information on introducing developer contributions.

The report notes that the use of the blockchain in the framework of cooperation of the Foundation and Rosreestr allows all project participants have access to relevant information on the registration process each kindergarten, and the possibility of desynchronization information systems of the two organizations and the risk of unauthorized adjustments of the data in them deleted.

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