In London the hackers were mining the cryptocurrency on billboards

In London the hackers managed to hack the protection system of billboards and start mining on pool Nicehash. The computer that controls is, the attackers installed a program for mining cryptocurrency and started mining, said in his blog Terence Eden (Terence Eden), consultant for the mobile Internet.

Nicehash miner Miner Legacy installed in the Billboard, specially designed for obsolete computers.

«You can often find broken billboards. But to remake it for profit, mining is what I see for the first time!»said Terence.

Terence Eden decided to photograph a huge, spans across the entire facade of one of London’s main shopping screen. The photo shows the familiar desktop with a program running NiceHash. It is noteworthy that the computer Manager is worked under control of operating system Windows. Known initial characters of the address of a purse — 3Jgi6… which receives the cryptocurrency.

It is difficult to determine whether or not we are talking about hackers breaking or some witty store employee decided to earn some money this way.

One thing is clear — the situation with the introduction of such programs into any network-connected device already on the absurd.

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