In Malaysia arrested a gang stealing equipment for mining

Malaysian police arrested 9 people who were involved in the theft of equipment for mining. The police said that recently received a 5 not connected one with the other statements about the thefts, which occurred from 17 January to 16 February in Serdang.

Just was abducted 153 mining machines and power supplies worth more than $ 250,000. Assistant chief of police Cerdan Megat Mohamad Ainuddin Megat Alice (Megat Megat Aminuddin Mohamad Alias) said:

«After the statements created a special group for the capture of criminals, headed by the chief of the criminal investigation Department of the district».

The police managed to catch
bandits, when they tried to sell the stolen equipment on Facebook and via the Bulletin Board. In the end managed to return 57 pieces of computer equipment, of which 28 are power supply units. The cost of equipment is $ 125,000.

Police arrested 9 suspects after conducting 6 simultaneous raids in several regions. All the suspects are men from 20 to 40, who pleaded guilty. The police tracked down another suspect, who, apparently, is one of the key members of the group. Currently they have several leads, including fingerprints taken at the crime scene. As for the remaining equipment, which has not yet been found, Alias says:

«We urge those who have bought similar equipment on the Internet, to contact police, because the investigation continues.»

In General, you should be careful, no matter whether you are mining cryptocurrencies or looking to buy or sell them. Criminals are becoming more daring, trying to capitalize on the hype around the cryptocurrency industry. At the end of last month in the UK, the bandits have robbed
cryptocurrency trader at his house taking hostage his wife and child. Several similar cases have also occurred in Russia and Ukraine.

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