In Moscow at the Kursk station was opened bitcoin exchanger

In Moscow near the Kursky railway station was opened bitcoin exchanger «Sarkain». According to the representative of the company’s public Affairs Alexey Ivanov, Commission of the exchanger is 15%.

«At the moment the legislation has no norms that would have banned the use of bitcoin in a variety of transactions. The sale and, accordingly, is not punishable and does not violate Civil code. All our actions fall under GK and not prohibited. Under the law, we work in accordance with the rules of the exchange,» he said.

The company is a single office and only works with bitcoin, but in the future plans to expand the geography and the list of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Exchange is possible only for cash and use the only personally exchanger, online exchange is not supported.

According to the Manager of the exchange, for the execution of the transaction with bitcoins, it is sufficient to present a passport or license, and then sign a contract and issued a plastic card with the address of the purse and «private key», known only to the client and «Sarcone».

For the first three days of operation of the exchanger it has been an operation with such a high Commission is not surprising.

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