In Moscow CCI discussed the prospects of the blockchain in business

In the Moscow chamber of Commerce and industry today discussed prospects for the development of the blockchain in the business.

Opening the discussion, the Chairman of the Committee of MCCI on tax policy and audit, managing partner of OOO «Yustika» Julia Zazulya noted that the blockchain will be a breakthrough in entrepreneurship, as technology improves trust between participants in a joint process and does not need intermediaries and additional commissions.

Julia Zazulya:

«We can see and track any product, where it came from and how they got on the shelf. This can be the first line, Dior, Gucci – we don’t buy a fake.»

However, according to the speaker, our country lags behind world indicators of digitalization, which means that while we can’t expect to compete with the leading countries, which invest in new technologies.

Julia Zazulya:

«In my opinion, the blockchain for the state is an even more important tool than for business.»

According to the speaker, the blockchain in the public services will help, as well as in the United States, to use a cryptographic signature to Finance trade deals and send letters of credit. In addition, thanks to the remote registry will be easier to get a mortgage: all the processes avtomatiziruete, and the human factor will not be a stumbling block. Also the blockchain will help to reduce the number of vessels insurance, because insurance companies are trying to circumvent insurance payments, and people have to turn to intermediaries – lawyers. In Russia, Tatarstan is implementing a blockchain in the archives. Global examples are many: in the energy sector, Shell is developing the platform to trade commodities on the basis of the blockchain.

Managing partner of law group «Morev & Partners» Roman Morev referring to the authors of the document stressed that all three bills that were adopted by the State Duma in the first reading on the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and hold the ICO will be changed, probably beyond recognition.

Co-founder multistrange office «Fourpicapital» Ivan Anashkin announced that today cryptoprocta works for the enthusiast, for those who are versed in new technologies, the mass market is still far from it.

Co-founder of blockchain-platform «Soundeon» Aram Abgarian shared the experience of creating a portfolio of copyright for lesser-known artists on the basis of the blockchain. The project is international and has not yet started.

The experts noted that today, companies that launch ICO, registered in Zug, Estonia and Singapore, but not in Russia where there is no regulation. The speakers reminded the call of the Central Bank, which offers first try the blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.

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