In Moscow on 1 March will be the Quantum Technology Conference

March 1 will be held in Moscow Quantum Technology Conference — an event dedicated to the implementation of quantum technologies to encryption, data security, economy and communication.

The conference is organized by Smile Expo — brings together researchers and teachers of research centers and universities, heads of laboratories, Directors of the funds and founders of major companies in the field of science.

Quanta, the blockchain and cryptography

According to his study, a group of quantum physicists, which included six scientists from universities in Australia, France and Singapore, already in the year 2027 may be created by computer, able to hack into the blockchain of bitcoin. The level of security of existing cryptographic protocols in the context of quantum technologies of concern to the international cryptologist.

However, the problem of hacking the blockchain with quantum computer can be solved — the Professor says the University of calgary, one of the most famous scientists in the world on quantum physics Alexander Lvov. According to him, a team of scientists of the Russian quantum center came up with a way to eliminate the vulnerability of the blockchain by implementing it the technology of quantum communication. Read more about quantum communications Alexander will talk in his speech on Quantum Technology Conference.

The vulnerability of the blockchain is not the only problem of the crypto community. For research and pilot projects on quantum technologies have the hardware. And Russia in this market competitive. Experience in a startup company with international clients, modern achievements of quantum optics will share the chair of the Department of quantum optics and telecommunications MIEM Gregory Holtzman.

Python developer Alexander Pozdneev from IBM will tell you how to implement quantum algorithms using a Quantum interface IBM Composer.

A report on the Russian quantum developments will be presented by Alex zablocki, Director of projects at the Foundation for advanced studies. It will show the conference participants the development of quantum technologies in the Russian Federation.

The future of quantum communications

Technology of quantum communication, which can be the basis of the blockchain in the future dedicated a separate panel discussion Quantum Technology Conference.

The panelists and their topics:

  • Gennady Kiryushin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC «SMARTS». Tell how quantum communication will be used in the Telecom ecosystem.

  • Arthur Gleim, head of the company «Quantum communication». His report will be devoted to the implementation of quantum technologies in telecommunication lines.

  • Natalia lukovnikova, Director CNTF ITMO. Talk about Samara and Kazan projects in the field of quantum communications.

  • Dmitry Khan, analyst CNTF ITMO. He will report on the Eurasian quantum path — priority project RIC «Sapnet».

  • Andrey Ivanov, technical Director of RITS «Sapnet». Talk about the integration of quantum technologies in the field of transmission and storage of information.

To whom is Quantum Technology Conference

Guests of the conference — representatives of business, investors, research centres, operators, managers of data centers, financiers, bankers and enthusiasts of quantum technologies. Each participant will be able to participate in discussions and ask questions to the speakers to the experts.

The event will be held in Moscow the conference center Newsroom at: Poklonnaya str., 3A, p. 4.

Registration and event program

Students have a discount, and the developers want.

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