In Moscow with the support QIWI, Bank of Russia, the HSE and Microsoft will host a meetup on the topic of rebedailivka

17 February 2018 will host a meetup of Robo-advising X on the formation of a new ecosystem, where the digital entity is important in business and life, providing automation and expertise. Meetup organized by QIWI and the Higher school of Economics in partnership with the Bank of Russia and Microsoft.

Robo-advising X «New format of investment» meeting, where everyone can participate in the formation of a new ecosystem and the emergence of digital entities that already occupy an important place in life and business, providing automation and expertise. Speakers meet up will present the concept of rebedailivka, exploring themes and ideas that can unlock the potential of rebouding in vintage, to lower the threshold of use of financial instruments using the ML/AL, algorithms for the distribution of financial assets, opening new interfaces that simplify user interaction.

During the meet up, participants will be able to learn and discuss with experts the latest trends in the field of rebedailivka, to assemble a team or get mentoring from the sponsor to implement the solution that will revolutionize the world of Finance.

Robo-advising X will be held on February 17, 2018 at 10:00 at the address: Moscow, Gateway nab., 4, building 1, the office of the Association of FINTECH.

Detailed information on the meet up page

Registration is open until 16.02.2018

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