In Nizhny Tagil has launched a cryptocurrency magilton

«To be independent from foreign banks and dollar-denominated economy,» in Nizhny Tagil created the cryptocurrency magilton (Tagilcoin). According to its creators, the currency code is based on litecoin and is called «the Ural francs 2.0».

«We don’t want the Ural Ural enterprises and ordinary users depended on foreign intelligence, banks and the dollar economy. Once the Ural was already at the head of technological modernization of Russia – the time has come to regain its primacy in the region,» the authors write.

They offer website Tagilcoin download a digital wallet installed on the computer, and immediately start to mine cryptocurrency. As it is already widely used algorithm scrypt mining is only effective in the respective ASIC-miners. In addition, everyone who writes on the forum, the creators promise free to list 15 coins.

Magilton is not traded on any crypto exchange, so it is unknown how much is it worth on the market. However the creators on the website writing that they are willing to exchange magilton bitcoin or ether. Not too high considering the success of «Siberian gold pieces» based on DASH, and «Ural cryptocurrency» will have to overcome many difficulties to achieve some recognition. Moreover, there are no original features it still can not offer.

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