In Novosibirsk to discuss the transfer on the blockchain record in kindergartens and schools

Electronic record in kindergartens and schools it is advisable to transfer the technology of blockchain, said the Deputy Director on scientific work of Institute of computational mathematics and mathematical Geophysics SB RAS Mikhail Marchenko.

According to him, in Novosibirsk already discussing this initiative. If the introduction of technology in the framework of the city project proves successful, this practice can be extended to other cities.

«The main problem hindering the introduction of the blockchain is the lack of a unified domestic platform. There are complaints about the speed of operations. It is important to ensure system security, prevent attacks and break-ins. A separate issue is data encryption, because the system needs to be safe. In our Institute there is a supercomputer center, data center storage. All our designs can serve as the basis for the creation of a platform for Novosibirsk and Siberia», – he told.

Marchenko stressed that today, in addition to cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain used in the banking sector, in the unified state register of real estate, land registry and migration registration.

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