In REU them. Plekhanov on April 7 will start the program Blockchain 2.0

The faculty of the Business School Marketing and entrepreneurship in REU them. Plekhanov started the first training course in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain «Blockchain 2.0», prepared jointly with the Holding company CH.

The objective of this course is to prepare professionals with a comprehensive knowledge in the field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, mining and ICO and able to lead projects on the basis of the above-mentioned technologies.

The course length is one and a half months (72 academic hours), classes are held on weekends. Upon completion of the course students receive a certificate of professional development REU them. G. V. Plekhanov.

The course program is divided into blocks, each of which leads the speaker, competent in their subject. The course will be the major topics associated with cryptocurrencies and bloccano from the basics of cryptography before collecting the output of its project on ICO. More information about the program can be found on the website of the course.

Start of the program will be held on April 7 and will last until may 13. Classes will be held at weekends, mainly in the first half of the day. The course lecturers from REU them. Plekhanov and the heads of large blockchain projects such as Eugene Gurianov (co-founder and chief operating officer FREED), Svetlana Rusova (founder and CEO of the training center BESTRANK, CEO, Alex Chermashentsev (co-founder and managing partner of CH-Holding), Ruslan Pichugin (CEO project Sandcoin), Peter Kusev (professional managing trader with eight years experience trading the financial markets) and others. For students of the course includes both full-time and remote learning.

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