In Russia become popular for mining

After analyzing the supply and demand for specially equipped premises, where the owners of the mining farms can for a fee to place its equipment (mining), services free ads Yula found that the number of such announcements from January to March of 2018 has increased six-fold.

Thus, the phrase «mining-hotel» for the first two weeks of March looking for 9.5 times more than in February, the number of requests «property for mining» has grown in 4 times, «data center for mining» – 3.5 times. According to the «ula», the largest number of offers of such services is published in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Next, by a wide margin are the Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod. Least of all these proposals in Ufa, Tyumen, Samara, Rostov-on-don, Orsk, Novosibirsk, Kirov, Irkutsk and Ivanovo.

Yula also recorded a fall in the prices of services mining hotels to provide space for the equipment in January, the average rate was 3.75 thousand rubles, in February – 3.14 thousand rubles, and in March – 2.55 thousand rubles per month. The cheapest place in Ivanovo (1 thousand) and Ufa (1.5 thousand). The most expensive in Chelyabinsk (4.5 thousand rubles) and Tyumen (5 thousand rubles).

According to the Director of the company Enigma, co-founder of cryptocurrency Fund ICG Igor Zagrtdinova, placement of equipment in specialized areas is really becoming more and more popular as the overall, high consumption, high heat and noise complicates the location of the mining farms in conventional homes.

«The same premises like garages, shipping containers and cellars are not suitable for expensive equipment, so the demand is progressively reduced,» he stresses.

Head of analytical division at Aurora Capital Blockchain George Ehrman notes that rental places in mining-hotels best clients who own small and not very expensive farms.

«The average cost of a farm is 170-190 thousand rubles. At the current rate of bitcoin it pays for itself in 9 to 11 months. The cost of the hotel and you can consider the error,» he said.

Nurtdinov said that professional miners seek to place their farms in mining-class hotels: room is not less than 100 sq. m., with duplicate energoinkom, «cold corridor», emergency fire, security and maintenance 24/7. Hotels of this type are located in the territories of the power plants which receive energy discounts. Equipping of such facilities can reach $1-1.5 million

«The average cost of services of such quality, including the price of electricity consumed, is 7-8 thousand rubles a month for one seat,» he says.

However, according to him, six months ago, during one such place, the customer had to pay to 15 thousand per month.

«Now the original landlord’s costs should be recouped in about a year. Constantly reduced the area that could be used under mining hotels,» noted Nurtdinov.

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