In Russia first bought TPP for mining

Head of OOO «GEK», ex-the head of Committee of natural resources in the Ministry of environment of the Republic of Tatarstan, Alexey Kolesnik, bought the «T Plus» Viktor Vekselberg, two small thermal power plant in the Perm region and Udmurt Republic to create a data center, and farm for mining.

We are talking about Kizelovskaya GRES in the Perm region, the capacity of which is 23.6 MW, CHP and Sarapul in Udmurtia (10 MW). The total value of purchases amounted to almost 160 million rubles.

«In the future there is an idea to develop a data center: it’s not just mining. In addition, there is the law of Spring that information needs to be stored in Russia and the data center is a conventional server room. The option with the cryptocurrency, we also consider, but until a legislative framework to tackle this are not planned», – said Kolesnik.

According to the analyst of an ACRE Natalia Pahomovoj, the operating efficiency of the two stations HES very low fuel consumption 1.5 times higher than the average in the Russian power system.

«Energy costs for data center or mining at these stations will be 40% lower prices for consumers in these regions, but comparable to prices for consumers in Siberia,» she said.

The analyst emphasizes the advisability of developing data centers in Russia, where there are requirements to store data domestically, and relatively low electricity prices.

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