In Russia, the consideration of alcohol transferred on the blockchain


In Russia from mid-2018 the technology of the blockchain will be used to complete routine accounting systems for alcohol products in yegais (unified state automated information system of the account of alcohol).

«At the stage of production on each bottle is applied the grade, at the stage of retail sale mark is scanned at the checkout scanner», – said the press-Secretary of Rosalkogolregulirovanija Alexander Kulikov.

According to him, with the introduction of the blockchain the manufacturer or importer will be included in the shipment of each item, the account will be at the level of the wholesale link in the receipt and subsequent shipment of the products.

«Thus, the movement of each bottle in the supply chain will be traceable at each stage from the manufacturer to the end user online, he said. System piece-by-piece account uses the mechanisms of the technology of the blockchain: the motion of each unit of production creates the block chain unchanged transaction stored in redundant data centers in Rosalkogolregulirovanie and Goznak».

In test mode the system operates from 1 July of this year. It already uses a number of manufacturers, in particular the Moscow factory «kin», and virtually all large enterprises.

Kulikov said that the main identificatore production system – a digital identifier contained in the code of PDF417 format, which is applied to spetsmarki Federal and excise stamps.

The blockchain system is designed to facilitate state control over the alcohol market, and to facilitate the work of its members, as with the introduction of routine accounting canceled the Declaration and other accompanying documents to the circulation of alcohol.

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