In Russia will open the school developers on the blockchain

On the basis of Technopark «Festejar» February 1, 2018, plan to open a school programming for training of developers of technology of blockchain, said the President of group of companies «the Basis» Alexander Brooks.

«We intend to open the first school programming in the blockchain on the basis of the IT-Technopark «Festejar». Now, the preparation of training programs, and on February 1, the scheduled opening. We expect that high school graduates will be able to pass the Academy on the basis of «Technopark». And those who show the best results will be able to do an internship in those companies, blockchain startups in which it invests, the group of companies «Osnova». We create the conditions under which the best graduates will be able to obtain knowledge and practical skills on the basis of «Technopark», – he said.

According to Ruchyev, consultant of group of companies «Basis» in the formation of the school of programmers on the basis of Technopark «Festejar» will be acne Buterin.

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