In South Korea closed 13 illegal mining farms

Fourteen participants from 13 companies were arrested for illegal use of electricity for mining of cryptocurrencies in the industrial complexes in South Korea.

According to the Yonhap news Agency, the illegal mining was carried out in four different complexes in the city of Gwangju. In the publication referred to a statement of the police Department in Gwangju in connection with charges relating to illegal use of plants. According to police, the companies involved in mining in such complexes, reduced the cost of electricity by 10% and pay low rent.

It is reported that each of these companies used from 100 to 350 mining devices in their facilities, and they conducted business in the spring of 2017. Six companies were located in Hanam Industrial Complex, three industrial complexes, and Nano Pyeongdong, and another in the premises Jingok.

This is not the first case where cryptocurrency miners accused of illegal use of subsidized electricity in the state or offices in the country.

Last year Yongsam Market, shopping Mall, specializing in the sale of electronics, took the unusual step and banned
mining at its premises in connection with the increased electricity bills and risk of fire safety, which carried farm operating on leased premises.

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