In Switzerland presented a draft Liquidity Network — analogue Lighting for Ethereum

Swiss Ethereum researcher Arthur Gervais (Arthur Gervais) demonstrated a demo version of the Liquidity Network project, which will allow purses Ethereum to implement and use the payment Protocol, originally developed for networks of bitcoin (Lighting Network).

This is a significant step because the network payments ofcan has long been positioned as a scalable solution for blockchain, in particular bitcoin and Ethereum. Although the wallets are not yet ready for use, demo Liquidity Network, suggests that representatives of the community Ethereum interested in adopting the technology.

For users the process of transferring funds is not visually changed, but «under the hood» wallets ofcan the Ethereum Protocol that will connect the sender and recipient through «hubs» that will provide payment channels among all connected to the «hub» of the parties.

Wallet works similarly to other purses of Ethereum, since it allows users to send and receive air. But inside the purse is more complex – it allows users to connect to the so-called «hubs», if they cannot connect directly.

Gervais showed how one user makes a 100 Wei (the smallest component of the ether analogue of Satoshi bitcoin).

Because the connection can then be used to send payments to any other user connected to the same node, Gervais has also translated two users 50 and 30 Wei Wei.

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