In Tatarstan the caught crooks kidnaps miners on delivery

Two scams from Tatarstan have found a way to get free equipment for mining. They used a transport company and trusting sellers on “Craigslist”. The cost of the equipment, which was given to rogues, ranged from 50 thousand to one million rubles. In the end they figured out the security personnel of the carrier and handed over to the police.

The offender is found on “Craigslist” and other sites the announcement of the sale of equipment for mining farms. Then they offered to sellers to send them the product, but the money is not immediately transferred. Instead, they offered a clever combination, ostensibly in order to protect all parties involved.

The seller was supposed to send the scammers the goods through the transport company, but to indicate in the recipient itself — so that buyers are unable to obtain equipment until you transfer the money. Under the terms of the agreement, the seller was supposed to send customers a scan of the bill of lading is a confirmation that the goods have been sent. After that he transferred money, and he’s calling the carrier and change the data recipient. But along with the bill of lading fraudsters defraud the seller his personal data: full name, mobile number, passport details. Came to the warehouse of the transport company with fake documents in the name of the sender, receive the goods and then disappeared.

The scheme has calculated the employees of the security service of the carrier “KIT”. December 27, the two crooks were caught red-handed in the warehouse of the company in Almetyevsk (Tatarstan). Young people 1998 and 1994 year of birth tried fake documents to get mining equipment cost of 400 thousand rubles, said the representative “the whale”. The actions of both citizens qualified under part 3 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud in large scale). They face a fine of up to half a million rubles or up to six years of imprisonment.

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