In the Baltic States distributed cryptocurrency payments

Recently in the Baltic countries are more spread cryptocurrency payments. The advantage of such payments decided to use companies from the most diverse sectors of the economy, including real estate, online trading, restaurant and hotel business and even health. Some companies already offer their services on a global level.

Property for bitcoins

The prevalence of cryptocurrencies in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is growing, and now pay Cup coffee itonami is quite a common thing. Cryptocurrency payments are accepted in cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops and some hospitals.

Cryptocurrency payments in the field of real estate practice several companies. For example, very soon customers will be able to purchase bitcoin land and a newly built home in a cottage settlement near Vilnius.

To buy property with bitcoin can not only in Lithuania but also in neighboring Latvia and Estonia. The Lithuanian subdivision of the international Agency Sotheby’s International Realty offers for sale for bitcoins penthouse apartment in Riga, and the Estonian real estate Agency LAAM Kinnisvara accepting bitcoins as payment for apartments in Maardu, a 15-minute drive from Tallinn. A third of the 44 there built units already sold, the next deal in bitcoin to be held next week.

Clothes for bitcoins

Payments in bitcoin are taking more than 30 points in Vilnius, 26 — in Tallinn and 21 in Riga. In the capitals of Estonia and Lithuania have multiple cryptomate. Most accept bitcoin companies belong to the restaurant and hotel business – a cafe, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels. However, other sectors are also trying to keep up.

About a month ago, a branch of United Colors of Benetton in Lithuania announced that it will be to accept several cryptocurrencies. Now the brand fashion shops in Vilnius take BTC, ETH, DASH, NEM and Steem. Processing payments made by the company Coppay. This payment the operator of Belarus offers an instant convert digital currency to Fiat exchange rate, based on data from multiple markets.

By the way, recently, in Lithuania, too, a similar platform. Coingate is a local company signed an agreement with French developer of online payments solutions, the company Prestashop. With this partnership, the Lithuanians plan to provide services to 80,000 sellers worldwide.

Bitcoin is still not regulated

With regard to the regulation of cryptocurrencies, while it is not accepted in any of the Baltic States. Recently, Latvia has attempted to partially accept the cryptocurrency for tax purposes. Riga authorities said that Bitcoin could «function as a medium of exchange.» As a result, income from transactions with cryptocurrencies will be applied a tax of 20%.

Estonia, which is perhaps most developed in the digital country of the Baltic region, reflects on the issue of its own cryptocurrency. Despite the negative reaction of the European Central Bank, Tallinn does not refuse this idea. The project organizers continue to insist on the release of «estline», but not as a cryptocurrency but as a token.

The Central Bank of Lithuania, which for some time belonged to digital currencies negatively, has recently begun to consult with the representatives of the cryptocurrency sector for possible regulation of the industry.

«Blind denial, unwillingness to understand and work with the world of cryptocurrency is getting us nowhere,» said last week the official representative of the Bank Lietuvos Bankas.

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