In the core network Bitcoin runs more than 500 nodes Network Lightning

Network Lightning Network in the main Bitcoin blockchain has expanded beyond 500 nodes and the number of channels has exceeded 1500. Interestingly, in a test network already runs more nodes with support for LN than has the current blockchain Bitcoin Cash. These figures – 590 nodes in the core network and 1720 node test network at the time of publication – to show the number of users increases, support Lightning, despite the problems associated with security of payments in real bitcoins.

Last month, some community representatives noted that it is not necessary to carry out transactions in the core network using the LN, as bugs and other security problems can lead to loss of bitcoins.

Andreas Antonopoulos suggests that major exchange platforms and wallets, such as Coinbase, will not start, the Lightning due to the fact that technology is fundamentally contrary to their obligations under the compliance, AML/KYC, although the term Lightning is more likely to promote adherence than to impede it.

However, not all are so skeptical. Commenting on what he called «truly remarkable» growth rate, blogger Armin van Bitcoin (Armin Van Bitcoin) expressed
hoped that the future introduction of SegWit in Coinbase will allow the transaction Lightning become available to a wider audience.

After fixing major bugs and security risks to the user keys, LN clearly have a great future. Lightning Network can be a way out to solve the problem of insufficient network bandwidth, which «terrorized» the community of bitcoin for several years and gives the skeptics a solid basis for criticism of the reliability of bitcoin as means of payment.

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