In the Czech Republic started to grow tomatoes on heating from mining

Co-founder of the Czech cryptocurrency exchanges NakamotoX Kamil Brejcha launched a blockchain startup, engaged in the cultivation of agricultural crops using the heat generated by mining the cryptocurrency.

«Our staff has created a special housing for miners and the heat sink system, which sends surplus heat to the beds where they grow tomatoes,» he said in his Twitter.

The project, details of which had not been disclosed, has now allowed us to gather the first harvest of five acres of crypto-tomatoes. Now it will be the basis of the business line called Agritechture.

«We use the excess heat for greenhouses with tomatoes and it works! And the energy for mining is extracted from biological waste, says Braha. – Soon these crypto-tomatoes can be bought in grocery stores, but I can’t tell you».

This is not the first associated with the cryptocurrency technology agricultural project (in the Primorsky region of the Russian Federation plans to build a farm for the simultaneous cultivation of strawberries and mining cryptocurrencies), but development Agritechture already allow the use of heat from hashing in practice.

According to the authors of the project, originally planned cultivation of medical marijuana, however, the presence of legislative barriers in this case forced to turn to more traditional cultures.

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