In the Nasdaq once again talking about the launch of futures on bitcoin

Adena Friedman (Adena Friedman), the head of the largest stock exchange Nasdaq, announced that the company is indeed considering launching derivatives yf bitcoin. The exact dates are not yet known, however, it became known that the tool being developed will have some differences from the futures exchange CBOE and CME Group. This becomes clear from the comments Friedman:

«The idea of launching futures on the cryptocurrency continues to evolve. Together with a partner we study and assess the related risks to ensure the correct application of the protocols. We follow the real demand, and our tools have a number of differences from the already running».

Interested in the Nasdaq futures is based on the model of «total return». Such contracts will indeed be a investment, not a tool to monitor the stock price: they will take into account the spot and not the future price of assets.

«We need to work out: does it make sense the creation of such tools, whether they will receive sufficient demand from customers, and enough our confidence in the management of risk. Only in this case followed by an appeal to the Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC)».

Nasdaq plans in preparation for the launch of futures on bitcoin adena Friedman said in late November. Then the matter was at an early stage of exploration, and the company had an active dialogue with customers and partners about future possibilities.

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