In the new spec Casper FFG reward for PoW miners is reduced to 0.6 ETH for the block

Not managed to dispel the smoke from the April fools day suggestions acne Buterin on the limitation of emission of ether, was not just a joke for Fool’s Day, but rather, an invitation to discussion, or in other words, the touchstone, as the time has come for more serious news.

The developers of the Ethereum Foundation has published the specification of the first stage of the Protocol Caper FFG (Friend Finality Gadget), also known as hybrid POW/POS Protocol.

In the specification, the first indication of the new amount of remuneration for the POW block. According to the document, the current reward miners 3 ETH per unit will be reduced five times: 3 to ETH 0.6 ETH for the block. Thus, circulating for some time now, the figure is 0.6 ETH was not a reward validators for the finalization of the POW blocks, and that is the new amount of remuneration of the miners. In the specifications it says:

  • According to the proposed specifications of the first phase of Casper, Ethereum will shift from pure POW algorithm on a hybrid POW/POS.

  • In this scheme, all the existing mechanics POW will continue to exist with reduced reward per block (0.6 ETH), however, there will be additional mechanisms POS.

  • In particular, the selection rule fork (i.e., the way in which the client determines that the circuit is true) will be modified to reflect the new arrangements.

  • The amount of reward per block for validators POS in the specifications is not disclosed, at least at the time of this writing.

  • In theory, it is possible that the total amount of awards for the block will remain equal to 3 ETH; in this case, the 2.4 will have the validators, and the miners will get 0.6, however, given the much lower cost POS, validators will get a lot less. For example, article Vitalik Buterin, in which he proposed to introduce the rent for the storage of information d the blockchain, after the full implementation of the Protocol, Casper and sharding, referred to the amount of 0.22 ETH with this rationale:

    Under the assumption that the total amount of coins that are on validatory deposits, $ 10 million ETH in interest income at 5% it will give about 500,000 to ETH a year (about 0.22 for the ETH unit).

    Up to this point, however, there is still a long way to where Casper FFG, are now working on a test network will be only the first step. While that Casper is only implemented on two rather exotic and untested clients – pyethereum (based on python) and Harmony (based on Java). For full testing you need to run the version on the main customers Ethereum Geth and Parity.

    Indicative time schedule launch Casper will be discussed on 6 April at the meeting of the key developers of Ethereum and major customers. However, the published specification clearly demonstrates the mythical GPU and asic miners that reward soon will be significantly reduced. However, the figure of 0.6 ETH from published specifications may change – it will become final only after publication of the final version of hard forks Constantinople.

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