In the payment gateway Coinbase transactions are lost after the transition to address SegWit

On Reddit there is information that the implementation SegWit, which in February added the largest operator of the wallet and exchange Coinbase, contains significant flaws.

The problem arises from users working with the payment gateway Coinbase application used by shops to accept payments in cryptocurrency. After crossing the platform to address SegWit sellers receiving bitcoins through Coinbase, I see no receipts in your wallet.

«You will lose your bitcoins if you send them through a payment gateway This information is confirmed by the Bitcoin Core developers in the IRC channel,» warns one of the users of the platform.

He claims that when you send bitcoins to the sellers using a payment gateway Coinbase using the address SegWit they will not receive them and the sender will lose your coins because of a problem with the Coinbase system. Of course, this is a bit of an exaggeration problem. If Coinbase controls the addresses that bitcoins have been sent (as it should be, because the URLs generated by the platform itself) then came to them bitcoin is not going to disappear, and sooner or later will be credited manually.

The author of the branch explains the problem the fact that Coinbase has not updated used by the gateway Protocol BIP70 to use addresses SegWit. In the end, the coins sent to an address without the support SegWit and get lost in the tracking system of exchange that seeks their original url. Most likely, until the real losses will not happen, but if the problem is confirmed, Coinbase’s reputation will be seriously affected.

To requests for incident support Coinbase is not responsible, and the user platform not made official statements. At the moment it is not advised to shop for cryptocurrency, if the payee uses the service Coinbase.

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