In the Slovenian town of Kranj has established official monument bitcoin

In the Slovenian town of Kranj was installed a giant bitcoin logo is the first official monument dedicated to the world’s first decentralized currency. Slovenia for several years known as the center of development of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It is in this country was created on the exchange Bitstamp, one of the first and most popular cryptocurrency platforms in the world.

The giant installation of the bitcoin logo was posted by the city authorities at one of the roundabouts near the centre of Kranj. Metal design created by Franceschini Alexander (Aleksander Frančeškin) and chorovicha Selman a (Selman Čorović) and paid by the Slovenian company 3fs and exchange Bitstamp, which is now registered in Luxembourg, but works are still in Slovenia.

Kranj became the first municipality that approved the installation of a monument to bitcoin, but there are examples of cryptocurrencies in the art. In July of last year in Ekaterinburg has appeared
impromptu «monument» bitcoin, which lasted only half a day, the city administration ordered to paint the logo.

Around the world you can find a lot of examples of graffiti and other creative works related to bitcoin. There are even specialized sites, for example, Cryptoart, where the exhibited works associated with digital currencies and decentralized art galleries, where anyone can buy them with bitcoin, sculptures and other thematic work.

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