In the state Duma a draft law on virtual property

ANO «Law of robots», the company «Voronkov ventures» and Heads Consulting presented to the state Duma a draft law on regulation of decentralized virtual property – cryptocurrency and token.

In particular, they propose to create a national cryptocurrency exchange, making it the main currency of cryptool, which can be exchanged for ordinary rubles. Such transactions as the exchange of crypto-currencies and tokens for foreign currency, will be taxed as mining cryptocurrencies.

The project also describes the principles of the revolution of cryptocurrency and token, determines the legal status of its participants and the mechanism of initial public offering tokens (ICO).

According to the head of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov, the qualifications of the cryptocurrency as a virtual property is «the right direction», it will be counted.

«I Scripturally yet skeptical. The exchange is also a matter of discussion. It might be possible not to create a state of cryptocurrency exchange, and to determine the requirements for such a platform which could work with existing exchange,» he said.

«The expert Council for legislative support of financial technologies has received dozens of proposals relating to certain aspects of regulation – definition of the terms «blockchain» and «cryptocurrency», which was made by representatives of business, scientific community and public organizations, including «Business Russia» and the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain, but complete sentences were not» – said the Chairman of the expert Council on legislative support of financial technologies Martin Shakkum.

According to him, no country has not released any national cryptocurrencies and this idea is more than doubtful.

The document raises many questions, while it looks crude and even populist, says CEO Dmitry Plyshevski GoldMint.

«It is unclear what the state of crypto currency exchange. Is the same the Moscow exchange and criptural could be traded there. If the government wants to limit the risks of ordinary citizens that they have not bought bitcoins and not ruined, you just need to enter restriction on trade cryptocurrency that could only deal with professional brokers,» he said.

«In the formulation of laws it is important to find the balance that will bring the cryptocurrency out of the gray zone and to protect the rights of investors, but at the same time will not have excessive pressure on the blockchain startups and growing industry», – said CEO of Waves Platform Alexander Ivanov.

According to partner Bankex Stanislav Sushko, the less changes in the current legislation, the easier it is to the state and business.

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