In the state Duma proposed to restrict mining for fire safety

Vice-speaker of the lower house of Parliament, the head of the faction «United Russia» in the state Duma Sergey Neverov has suggested to limit the number of untrained people who engaged in mining.

He said this during the parliamentary hearings on the theme «Formation of legal environment, financing and development of the digital economy».

«Mining leads to an increase in electricity consumption, so when mining cryptocurrency is produced in conditions that are not designed for this load, do not have the necessary level of fire safety, pose a threat to life. For comparison, a single card consumes about 100-150 watts per hour. For optimum performance, you need at least five such cards to start, and this is a serious consumption. We already have serious facts, when there were fires that killed people, – said Neverov referring, in particular, the case of Artyom in the Primorye, where, according to the investigation, the fault of the miner burned four apartments. – And here the priority steps that must be done by the state Duma – the restriction of such unprofessional people who do them.»

According to him, parliamentarians and experts also need to find a solution to citizens and businesses felt the restrictions and protect.

«Our task is just to find a delicate balance between order and honest business and citizens did not feel any restrictions, but is protected. The digital economy brings both new opportunities and new challenges,» he said.

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