In the state of Nevada will begin to register marriages in the blockchain Ethereum

Nevada will become the first state which will begin to register marriages in the blockchain. In the words of the authors of the project implemented in the city of Reno, the technology will reduce the time of the marriage and the restoration of the registration of documents in cases of loss or damage.

Traditionally m was applied to the office, and then fills a lot of documents on what was spent a few days. Through the use of blockchain Ethereum, this process will be reduced to a few minutes.

Registration of marriage on the blockchain – an initiative of the local municipality, which intends to translate your document in digital form. According to the Governor of Nevada Brian Sandoval, local governments consider the use of the blockchain since June of 2017. It was then signed the bill on the introduction of this technology into the infrastructure of the region.

Nevada also became the first state which levies no taxes on cryptocurrency company.

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