In the state of new York invited four of the bill on the blockchain

The legislator in new York has proposed four bills in an attempt to push research in the field of the possible applications of the blockchain by the state government.

Proposed laws from Vanila Clyde (Clyde Vanel) (D-33), a member of the local legislature, will establish the legal terminology for the technology (similar to Arizona) in accordance with the laws of the state and to facilitate studies of the use of technology for local and Federal elections, including for verification of the votes.

The first bill aims to make amendments to the technological sections of new York law, to add definitions of «technology of the blockchain and smart contract», and provide legal force to digital signatures stored in the blockchain.

The second bill «requires the electoral Commission staff to study and evaluate the use of technology of the blockchain to protect the votes and election results».

For a report on this study is given year. In the study, it is necessary to understand whether the platform based on the blockchain help to limit or prevent fraudulent votes to improve the cybersecurity of digital voting platforms, as well as more effective record-keeping and publication of the election results.

The third bill also calls for a study and the establishment of a working group to determine whether the administration of the state to use the platform on the blockchain for effective storage of records and rapid exchange of information. A similar attempt was made in Vermont in 2016, but in the end, the officials rejected this idea, as thought it too expensive.

The new York bill requires the working group held at least one public hearing in the course of his investigation and the final report was to be submitted later than 1 January 2019.

Fourth, the bill promotes the establishment of a working group on digital currencies to determine the impact of cryptocurrencies on the financial markets in new York.

In the case of adoption of all four bills, new York state will take a big step towards making blockchain technology, and even be able to overtake Arizona, where for more than six months working smart contracts are officially binding.

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