In the state of new York will create the largest U.S. mining farm

American mining company Coinmint intends to invest $ 700 million in the establishment of the largest mining centre for mining bitcoins. For these purposes, in December last year, the company leased in the state of new York, near the canadian border, an abandoned smelter Alcoa East Facility.

According to the company, in an area of 1,300 acres will be placed equipment for mining bitcoin with a total capacity of 435 megawatts, which will serve about 150 people. Aluminum factory has been working for 4 years and power the nearby town of Massena think that this activity will have a positive impact on the development of the region.

Despite the fact that the last few months the exchange rate of bitcoin continues to fall, technical Director Coinmint Leary Prieur (Prieur Leary) believes that «while there is a network of bitcoin mining will be profitable».

Massena was chosen by the company Coinmint not only to territory of an abandoned factory. In this region cheap electricity, which is produced using hydroelectric power plants and wind turbines and a relatively cool environment — this will allow you to save money on cooling systems.

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