In Transnistria legalized mining cryptocurrency

In the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic (PMR) has adopted the law «On the development of information blockchain-technologies», which legitimized the mining of cryptocurrencies.

«We have consulted with people who understand the technology, and came to the conclusion that the right legal framework and technological base. Well done: created the regulatory framework,» said the Pridnestrovian President Vadim Krasnoselsky.

According to him, the law will contribute to the development of the information technology industry and attracting investment from entities carrying out activities in the field of blockchain technology.

The law establishes a target of free economic zones (FEZ), without formation of the legal person on the territory of Transnistria can become foreign legal and physical persons. Comfort to the investors should ensure that preferential treatment.

Local authorities guarantee the residents of the SEZ duty-free importation of equipment and unobstructed removal of the property, and maximum assistance in the field of energy. For services of natural monopolies to which, apparently, include a power generating plant can be installed for special prices.

The President says that energy mining farms will be at the expense of the Dubossary HPP and three CHP plants.

«In this case, the Transnistrian side for the generation of electricity for the purpose of mining is to use the gas that she put in as payment for the transit of fuel from Russia (in dollar equivalent is $25-30 million)», – he said.

Krasnosel has so far refrained from estimating the investment potential SEZ: «too Early to talk about numbers. I own them, but we must be careful. This is a new activity that even in Russia, by and large, have not yet been tested».

Investors are waiting for the Transnistrian leader from Russia. The mining of cryptocurrencies in the PMR are already interested in the founder of the «Russian exports» the son of Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Chaika, who said the conditions for mining high-speed Internet and cheap electricity.

It has support for Transnistria in the framework of the consultation on the strategic programs and expert assistance on draft legislation along the lines of «Business Russia».

«Number of members «Business Russia» and I analyzed projects to create mining infrastructure in Transnistria and was waiting for the entry into force of the law. Now there is legally sufficient opportunities to go further in the actual implementation of the projects with «crypt»,» – said Chaika.

The businessman said that Vadim Krasnoselsky and head of government of the PMR Alexander Martynov was agreed that after the legalization of cryptocurrency, the authorities will provide the infrastructure for the project.

He said such projects were interested in five or six businessmen who discussed investments in the range of 5 million to 15 million rubles.

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