In Tyumen I propose to create a cryptocurrency with the provision of peat and sapropel

The head of Department of subsoil use of the regional Department of subsoil management of the Tyumen region Anton Klimovich invited participants industry forum to use the technology of the blockchain to attract investment in mining.

He spoke about the project of a team of businessmen from Moscow «sandy cryptocurrency» Coin Sand, backed by real cubic yards of sand, which in a short time attracted a serious amount of investment from around the world.

«Nothing, actually, they collected over a million dollars. And if we can’t be pioneers in the cryptocurrency on the sand, then peat and sapropel the opportunity is still there, so go for it,» urges Klimovich.

In addition, according to him, in February 2018, the representative of the Russian Ministry of economic development reported on the consideration of options for delivery of agricultural products, including fertilizers on the territory of Syria.

«Sapropel and peat is high quality from Tyumen can also be supplied on the market. You need to pay attention to these areas, and calculate the economy and logistics of raw materials we have enough. Similar situation on Libya and Iran», – said the head of Department of subsoil use.

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