In WebMoney there titular sign of litecoin

In the WebMoney Transfer system, a new type of title units is WML, which is equivalent cryptocurrency litecoin (LTC). WML is an accounting unit for property rights to publish entries in the distributed database (the block chain) network Litecoin. The guarantor in favor of the company INDX Transactions LTD, which will be deposited cryptocurrency participants in the system.

According to the website guarantor set rate 0.001 LTC = 1 WML. Enrollment WML will be made upon receipt of not less than twenty confirmations in a database peer to peer network Litecoin (average 50 minutes), the addresses of the LTC provided by the guarantor for storage. Storage accept any translated number of Litecoin, but enrollment WML occurs only for values greater than 0.0001 LTC, and the LTC output is only possible for amounts exceeding the equivalent of 1 WML.

Is worth little to say about committees: their permissible size depends on the current commissions in the Litecoin, but not less than 0.001 and not more than LTC 0.01 LTC. The higher the Commission percentage, the higher FeeRate transactions (the ratio of the Commission per transaction in the LTC to its size in kB), and the higher FeeRate, the quicker Your transaction will be confirmed by the Litecoin network.

Depending on the certificate of the participant of the system is allowed to delay return c storage.

It is also worth noting that the rate inside the system at the moment is much higher than the rate on the exchanges.

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