Indian farmers will be trained mining

Chamber of Commerce of India (DICCI) in conjunction with a blockchain platform Mahabfic intend to teach the rural population the basics of bitcoin mining for opportunities in self-employment. In the framework of this initiative for 30 cities in India will be launched a training programme to acquaint youth with the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Founded in 2005, DICCI is an industry Association that promotes the business enterprise for Dalits – one of the castes in India, which makes up 32% of the population.

DICCI and Mahabfic initiate «the world’s first and most ambitious training program bitcoin mining (BMTP) for self-employment, – stated in the project description. – This program aims to give opportunity to the rural population, especially for novice farmers to gain income from their home town or village, which will contribute to economic development in these areas.»

«Under the program, youth will receive information about the blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, business, startups and data centers. The first training session will begin in may and will be held in Pune,» – said the head of DICCI, milind Sri Kambi.

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