Indian Zebpay and Cleartax will help capturadora to calculate the taxes

Indian cryptocurrency company Zebpay and tax Cleartax platform, announced a collaboration to assist cryptocurrency investors who file taxes on capital gains from their digital assets.

Initiative «Cryptocurrency Advisory Plan» aims to support cryptocurrency traders and investors in all matters related to taxation in the trade and sale of cryptocurrencies. The project also aims to help owners of the digital currency to understand and to comply with applicable tax laws of India.

Separate service «Tax filing to gain profit from crypto-currencies» aimed at assisting individuals and businesses in filing their tax returns for traders who have earned their capital through the sale of cryptocurrency.

While Indian authorities continue to be uncertain regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies, partnership Cleartax Zebpay and seeks to bring some clarity to the investors in filing taxes on their profits from cryptocurrency and allow taxpayers better understand the taxation laws in the cryptocurrency markets.

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