Indonesia is preparing to release a digital rupees

Extremely tough stance against the cryptocurrency does not prevent the Bank of Indonesia to consider the question of issuing its own cryptocurrency.

Susato Devi (Dewi Susiato), assistant Executive Director of the National Bank of the country said that the trial version of digital rupees will be released this year that in her opinion, should significantly enhance the efficiency of the financial system.

«Currently in circulation there are the banknotes can be converted into digital currency. Like did not yet no country in the world,» stated Devi.

The value of the national crypto-currencies will be tied to «real assets» than digital rupee will be different from other cryptocurrencies. The rate of the national currency and inflation, will be taken into account when calculating its value.

It is known that official representatives of the Central Bank of Indonesia, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not legal tender, and their use was banned in the country. The financial regulator refers to the law No. list 7/2011 “currency”, which States that the only currency in the country is the Indonesian rupiah.

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