Instead AntMiner S9 Amazon sent the buyer a CD with the cartoon

Problems with the delivery of ASIC miners can be associated not only with «grey» schemes of import. Resident in the UK Ichim Bogdan Cezar (Cezar Bogdan Ichim) in November of 2017 made the order on ASIC AntMiner S9 from the Chinese manufacturer Bitmain on the Amazon marketplace. The machine was ordered for a relative, living in Romania, where the delivery of Internet-shop is not made.

AntMiner cost the buyer a tidy sum — around £ 3000, but instead of the expected equipment, he received a CD with the popular cartoon of Studio DreamWorks Animation — Boss Baby («Boss-Sucker»).

After handling an angry customer to the manufacturer of mining equipment and an online store in Amazon confirmed the error occurred and assured that the required goods will be delivered by December 16. However, this did not happen, and December 18, defrauded the client re-asked the seller. As a result of its application «technical issue» was closed and marked as «processed».

Subsequent attempts to refund 23 and 24 December was denied with the motivation that «after the transfer of goods Amazon is not responsible for delivery». To start the process of refund to the buyer was only the third time, 29 December, and the long-awaited return took place almost a month later — January 20, 2018.

Ichim Bogdan Cesar called the incident a stressful situation and considers that such issues should be resolved more quickly, especially when it comes to large sum.

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